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Eloroscan Natural Resources Inc.

ELOROSCAN NATURAL RESOURCES INC. Is an international corporation whose overall objective is to explore, exploit and transform the earth's natural resources.



Partnership with Impact Global Solutions Inc.

Image partenariat Eloroscan RN IGS

On August 20th, 2016, a partnership agreement to complement technical expertise was signed with IMPACT GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (IGS in acronyms). Through this agreement, the team of Eloroscan Natural Resources Inc. will bring its technical expertise to IGS in the mining sector and IGS will contribute to the mineral processing component of our projects.


Partnership with Fernac Inc.

Image partenariat Eloroscan RN Fernac copie

On April 09th, 2016, a partnership agreement for technical expertise was signed with the management company Fund for the Exploitation of Natural Resources of Central Africa Inc. (Fernac in acronyms). Following this agreement, the Eloroscan Natural Resources Inc. team will act as Fernac's technical team for the evaluation and certification of mining reserves in concessions, for the environmental impact assessment and for the energy infrastructures assessment in order to raise of capital on the Financial Markets.